Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Road Map

I need easy.

Habits make life easy for me. Between my amazing wife, 3 girls, 2 dogs, a fun but demanding job, volunteer/advocacy work and fostering, I have no brain power left to process & follow a complex diet or overly detailed exercise routine.

The Road Map is what I developed to fit a healthy lifestyle into an insanely crazy life. And, with having a diagnosis of blood cancer since 2011, I don’t have an option. I had to make this work and I had to make it easy.

For me, habits are the key. Habits are like autopilot for your brain. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to stress & you don’t have to use nearly as much willpower to get things done. They just happen.

Here’s how Interrupt Hunger helps you create habits:

  • The Interrupt Hunger Wristband helps you change the way you think about eating.
  • The MOVE, EAT, GIVE worksheet helps you to be intentional about how you exercise, what you eat & how you volunteer.
  • The Interrupt Hunger Community gives you ideas of how others MOVE, EAT, GIVE.
  • Compassion for your Hungry neighbors, in the form of your Donate Your Weight donation, fuels your motivation & helps fight Hunger in your neighborhood.

Interrupt Hunger gets your head & heart working together to create healthy habits to last a lifetime!

Jollie's Roadmap Example

Click here to view how I filled out my Interrupt Hunger Weightloss Roadmap.

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Don’t overthink this!

  • More than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese because we eat too many simple carbs & we don’t exercise.
  • 18% of our entire US GDP is spent on health care because we eat too many simple carbs & we don’t exercise.
  • Rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, back & knee pain and many other chronic diseases continue to rise because we eat too many simple carbs & we don’t exercise.

So, you can probably guess where we need to start….


Just WALK!

30 min a day,
5 days a week


Only eat simple carbs on special occassions:
(once a week is not a special occassion)

White Bread, White Pasta, White Potatoes, White Rice, Corn or Sugary Drinks



Donate $1.00

for every pound you lose to help fight Hunger in your neighborhood

The Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Roadmap is designed to help change your behavior and keep you motivated, long enough, to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime

Weight Loss is much more of a mental game than you think. Before we dig in, we need to change the way you think about yourself & change the way you think about getting healthy. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned which help me keep the weight off.

Constant, Gentle, Pressure

Don’t try to be perfect today. Try to be a little healthier today, than you were yesterday. All the little changes you make, added together, will develop into a lifestyle of healthy habits and help keep the weight off for good!

If You Ain’t Failing, You Ain’t Trying!

Stop being afraid or ashamed to fail! The best leaders in business have figured this out -FAIL FAST, adjust and keep failing until you get it right. This same idea works for weight loss too. Giving in to a craving in a moment of weakness, having a bad eating day or missing a workout or two (or even ten), doesn’t mean YOU are a failure! Assess the situation which led up to you giving in to your craving or missing a workout. Did you have added stress at work or home that day? Did you not eat enough earlier in the day? Did you forget to make a trip to the grocery store, so you didn’t have anything healthy on-hand to eat? A great thing about life is you have a brand new day to wake up to, every, single day! Don’t be hard on yourself. Just try again tomorrow.

Reset Your Expectations

Expecting results too quickly can lead to disappointment, or even worse, giving up. For most people, losing 10 pounds in a month is really hard & very stressfull. Losing weight that quickly also increases the likelyhood of putting those same 10 pounds back on! Losing 5 pounds in a month, 15 pounds in 6 months or 30 pounds in a year are much more realistic goals. Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time, but you can absolutley do it if you’re intentional, take it slow & and never stop trying!!

We’re In This Together

More than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. And because of that almost 20% of every dollar the United States produces gets spent on healthcare. Every year since the 1960’s, we have been getting heavier and sicker, and spending more money on healthcare. You are not the only one who struggles with their weight; this is a National epidemic. It’s going to take each of us getting educated about what makes us healthy and what makes us sick before we can start helping our families, our places of worship, our employers and our local governments make healthier choices. If we work together, we can reverse this epidemic.

Exercise Fights Cancer (and most other chronic diseases)

A multitude of studies show people who exercise get less cancer. There’s also a large body of evidence which shows cancer survivors who exercise reduce the risk of their cancer returning, and with some cancers, reduce their risk of dying! The same holds true for Type 2 diabetes, chronic back & knee pain, depression, heart disease, lung disease, fibromyalgia and most other chronic diseases. Our bodies were built to MOVE! If you don’t exercise, bad things can happen. Thankfully, exercise is a very powerful medicine that can help heal and sometimes even reverse our sickness!

Carbs Make You Hungry

Once I started thinking about why & when I got hungry, my cravings started making sense! Take-away: the faster a food turns to sugar in your blood, the more your body wants, and the stronger the craving. Simple carbs like pasta & bread made with white or enriched flour, white potatoes, white rice, corn & sweetened drinks turn to sugar more quickly and cause significantly stronger cravings than complex carbs like beans, whole grains and starchy vegetables. Protein and fats take even longer to digest and turn to blood sugar, so they cause fewer cravings and keep you full longer.




MOVE more, EAT better & GIVE more freely of your heart are the keys to a healthy & joyful life. I found writing down how I MOVE, EAT, GIVE made my life SO MUCH easier! Life is WAY too busy to wing it. Writing down my plan to exercise and eat healthy helps me visualize which exercise I’m going to do on which day and helps me buy & eat healthier foods. I also found that writing down my exercise plan & food list helped me develop habits more quickly. I don’t have to work or think about these anymore, they’re just part of my every day routine now! You’ll see the sections below are blank. That’s becuse YOU are the only one who knows your likes, dislikes, limitations & schedule. The point of this exercise is to stop & think about how you want to live your life.


Make a plan for exercising. If you don’t take the time to figure out when & how to exercise, it won’t happen! It takes too much brain power if it’s not routine. I’m almost 50 and LOVE to eat! If I’m not exercising, I’m gaining weight. Exercise obviously burns calories, but it also helps keep the hunger away & seriously gives a boost to my motivation for making healthier choices throughout the rest of my day. On days I miss a workout, it’s much harder to ignore cravings; the cravings seem so much louder. Last point…exercise is the ultimate anti-depressant! I find my days are filled with more energy and more joy on the days I exercise. ***Of course, talk to a Health Care Provider before begining any exercise.

Move Spectrum

If you don’t take the time to figure out when & how to fit exercise into your busy schedule, it won’t happen!! Download the Weightloss Road Map below to create a REALISTIC exercise plan that works for YOU. If you don’t know how to start, pick 5 days and times below and write, “Walk 30 min”. Ask a friend or family member to join you for extra accountability. Keep trying new exercises until you find what you like best.

Download the Weightloss Road Map


So you cut out simple carbs, now what? You have two choices, either a “Balanced Diet” strategy based on whole grains, healthy fats & lean meats or a Low Carb, High Fat strategy. I was able to drop 25 pounds & maintain that loss on whole grains, healthy fats & lean meat…until I started getting older. Once I hit 45, it got harder & harder to keep my weight off despite significant exercise, so I gave LCHF a try. It took a good 6 months to figure out how to make LCHF work for me, but now I love it! I’m less stressed about food and have fewer cravings. It’s also much easier for me to maintain a healthy weight. A quick note on KETO & Intermittent Fasting. There’s good science which supports the benefits of both eating strategies and some of my friends swear by them, but for me, these were both too restrictive & difficult to follow. I’ve found LCHF is my happy place.

Eat Spectrum

Half the battle of eating healthy is having healthy items on-hand when cravings strike!  Download the Weightloss Road Map below to make a list of your favorite foods for meals and snacks, and make sure to keep your home & office stocked with these items. Keep trying new foods, recipes & combinations until you find what you like best & is healthy.

Download the Weightloss Road Map


How big of a problem is Hunger in America? Over 50,000,000 (that’s MILLION) adults & children in America struggle with Food Insecurity (the inability to provide enough food for every person in a family to live an active, healthy life). If you’re like me, you found that number hard to believe. This is America, right? Well, in 2019 Feeding America distributed more than 4,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) meals! Just because you can’t see your neighbors struggling with Hunger, doesn’t mean they aren’t there and don’t desperately need our help. Take the time to see for yourself. Tour one of the roughly 200 Feeding America warehouses across the Country which each distribute food to hundreds and hundreds of food pantries in their service area. Or, do a web search for “Food Bank near me” and visit a local food bank to hear first hand how neighbors in your own backyard struggle with Hunger.

Download the Weightloss Road Map

How does $1 provide 10 meals? Through government grants, corporate & individual donations, packaged/fresh foods from grocery stores, fresh produce from farms, unused items from restaurants & countless volunteer hours from a vast army of volunteers, food banks can stretch $1.00 to provide 10 meals to those in need.

Your Compassion at work:

  • 100% of your Donate Your Weight donation goes to the local food bank you select (after credit card processing fees).
  • Proceeds from Interrupt Hunger Merchandise benefit the national Feeding America network. (Items list number of meals provided)

Interrupt Hunger is not affiliated with Feeding America.

START TODAY by ordering an Interrupt Hunger Wristband & downloading the Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Road Map. After you’ve lost your first 5 pounds, and every 5 pounds after that, come back to to Donate Your Weight and help fight Hunger in your neighborhood!

Visit our Interrupt Hunger Community page or social media to see how others MOVE, EAT, GIVE.

Overcome Your Cravings With Compassion!