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“Prevent chronic disease, feed the Hungry and foster community”

Tax Status

Interrupt Hunger is a registered 501c3 nonprofit corporation
Tax Identification Number: 46-3723732

Board of Directors

Bill Jollie Interrupt Hunger Bio Pic

Bill Jollie, Founder

Bill Jollie or “Jollie” was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called, Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma in 2011. Jollie’s oncologist told him & his wife Tracy he had 10 years to live (daughters Kelsey & Katie were 10 & 14 at the time). He decided to change his life & fight his death sentence. He learned everything he could to grow stronger, faster, healthier & happier. Interrupt Hunger is the result of Jollie’s personal transformation. Since his diagnosis, he has competed in multiple races including the Marine Corps Marathon & North Carolina 70.3 Ironman. He was appointed by North Carolina’s Governor to the NC Advisory Committee for Cancer Coordination & Control and served as the Prevention Sub-committee Chair for North Carolina’s state Cancer Plan. He passionately advocates for Exercise Oncology and hopes one day soon, every person who hears the words, “You have cancer”, will receive a referral to an exercise specialist.

Learning from Tracy that it’s not enough to be intentional about the way we MOVE & EAT, but how we GIVE as well, the Jollie’s began fostering in 2017. God brought Ensley, their first foster child, into their lives at just 5 days old. Two years later, the Jollie’s adopted Ensely, making her a permanent member of the family. The Jollie’s continue to foster, and spread the joy of fostering & adoption to anyone willing to listen!

Michael Crownover, MD
Emergency Medicine

Dr. Crownover completed medical school in Galveston, TX and training in Emergency Medicine in Syracuse, NY. He has seen first hand the effects of hunger, in both extremes.  As a physician in the US Army, he saw the effects of lack of nutrition in places like Kosovo, Guatemala and Colombia. He has also seen the negative effects of obesity up-close in his practice of Emergency Medicine in the US, and the real need for better understanding of the challenges surrounding obesity.

“There are so many ways people can be active, beyond the gym, that can benefit others. I hope Interrupt Hunger can help people find the life balance that is needed to help live a healthy lifestyle, so they can reap the health benefits of normalizing their weight. An added benefit of Interrupt Hunger is they can also help those who suffer from the effects of malnourishment.”

Tommy Fisher, MBA

Tommy Fisher joins interrupt hunger from a unique relationship to both community outreach, charitable giving, and the daily challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Growing up in a close-knit rural community Tommy experienced firsthand the joyous exuberance of after church dinners, fundraising fish fry, etc. helping church groups pack food bank supplies for local community members in need and volunteering to deliver meals to the elderly. Seeing the contrast of abundance and fellowship to the scarcity of basic nutritional needs left a lifelong impact on the need of communities to “get your head and heart working together to create healthy habits to last a lifetime.”

Community service has always been a passion and once Tommy received his MBA from the Raymond A Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary, Tommy knew that he must utilize those skills to advance not just his professional development, but to impact people and communities in a way that only caring can do.  Tommy, his wife, and daughter are elated to join the Interrupt Hunger community to Move, Eat and Give to be the best they can be and to ignite communities across the country to do the same!

Scientific Advisory Panel

Shawna Doerksen, PhD
Behavioral Scientist

Throughout my career, I have conducted research on motivation for behavior change. I started out in academia, but crossed over to industry, which provides me a unique perspective. I have worked with several companies ranging from mobile health start-ups to major corporations. In 2016 I joined the innovative team at Coeus Health as their Senior Scientist and Program Director and led an NIH-funded clinical trial of a digital weight loss program. More recently, I have been working as the Director of Operations for the Oncology, Nutrition, and Exercise (ONE) Group at the Penn State Cancer Institute.

I have published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on health behaviors, outcomes, and behavior change. I have my Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Community Health and thrive on applying my research experience in different industries.