Donate Your Weight

How Does It Work?

Once a month during your 12 Week Challenge choose a food bank, food pantry, or soup kitchen to Donate Your Weight – $1.00 or more per pound lost. Every $1.00 you donate provides up to 10 meals for children and families in your area.

How does $1 provide 10 meals?

Through government grants, corporate & individual donations, packaged/fresh foods from grocery stores, fresh produce from farms, unused items from restaurants & countless volunteer hours from a vast army of volunteers, food banks can stretch $1.00 to provide up to 10 meals to those in need. (additional about once a month) 

$1 Provides Up To 10 Meals

Local Volunteers

Your Community

Since Interrupt Hunger is a 501c3, all merchandise purchases and Donate Your Weight donations are tax-deductible. Double your donation by requesting a company match!