Lose Weight while Feeding The Hungry

with Our 12-Week Weight Loss Challenge 





Team Challenges 


Who Are We

More than 7 in 10 adults in America are overweight, while more than 1 in 9 are not sure where their next meal is coming from. Both groups struggle with hunger, just in different ways. We want to Interrupt Hunger for everyone and spread a little joy in the process!

See Hunger In A New Light

Just because you can’t “see” hunger in America, does not mean it is does not exist. More than 38 million Americans, including 9 million kids, struggle with food insecurity. They are not just numbers, they are your neighbors – and they need your help.

Get Started Now

With the 12-Week Challenge 

Our FREE 12-Week Challenge is a plan to help you lose weight by creating healthy habits in a fun and EASY way! While you create new habits, we use compassion and community to keep you motivated, long enough, for your new habits to stick! To sign up for your team, click the button that says “Sign Up Team” to add your team. You also have the ability to join a team.

Start A Team

Bring our 12-Week Challenge to the places you live, work & pray.

Team Exercise

Once a week,
meet as a team to exercise
(Ex: walk for 30 min in your neighborhood or at a local park).

Donate Your Time

Once a month,
meet as a team to give back to your community by volunteering at a local food bank, food pantry or soup kitchen.

Donate Your Weight

At the end of every month,
celebrate your weight loss victories by donating at least $1.00 for every
pound you lose to help
fight Hunger in your area.

Begin Your Journey

Join as an individual or start your team to begin your 12-week challenge

 Donate Your Weight

Every pound lost, helps fight hunger $1 provides up to 10 meals 

Interrupt Hunger Merch

50 Meals donated for every item sold
Interrupt Hunger Wristband – 50 Meals Donated
Interrupt Hunger T-Shirt – 50 Meals Donated

*Every item purchased provides 50 meals for hungry children and families through Feeding America!

Have A Question?

Have A Question? Let’s MOVE EAT and GIVE together – let us know how we can help.