What is Interrupt Hunger?

More than 70% of adults in America are overweight, while 1 in 8 Americans are not sure where their next meal will come from.  Both groups struggle with Hunger, just in different ways.  We want to Interrupt Hunger for everyone and spread a little joy in the process!

Interrupt Hunger is a charitable weight loss organization that helps motivate participants to lose weight by asking them to, “Donate Your Weight” and donate at least $1.00 for every pound you lose to help fight Hunger. Through government grants, corporate & individual donations, & packaged/fresh foods from grocery stores & farms, every $1.00 you donate provides up to 10 meals (depending on food bank) for children and families in your neighborhood!

*Donate Your Weight donations & merchandise purchases are tax deductible!


Meals Donated


Pounds Lost

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You’ve never tried a weight loss program like this before!
We get your head & heart working together to create healthy habits to last a lifetime!

Step-1: Order a Wristband
Change the way you eat!

Step-2: The Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Road Map
How I lost 25 pounds & kept it off!

Step-3: Donate Your Weight
Donate $1.00 for every pound you lose to help fight

Interrupt Hunger Community
Find & share ideas of how you & others MOVE, EAT, GIVE

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Interrupt Hunger Supports Your Weight Loss Efforts with our Simple 3 Step Plan:


Order a Wristband

Make a $10.00 tax-deductible donation  to order an Interrupt Hunger wristband and change the way you eat! When using the Interrupt Hunger wristband, be mindful of what your body is telling you. Learn to tell the difference between true hunger and unhealthy cravings, as well as when you’ve had enough to eat during a meal.
Every wristband purchased provides 50 meals to those in need through Feeding America’s national Hunger network!

Interrupt Hunger is not affiliated with Feeding America


Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Road Map

After being diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma in the fall of 2011, I got serious about getting healthy and learned all I could about how our bodies work. The Interrupt Hunger Weight Loss Road Map is the result of that journey. I went from chemotherapy to an Olympic distance triathlon in 16 months and lost 25 pounds along the way!


Donate Your Weight

For most of us trying to lose weight, our motivation wears out before we can develop new, healthy habits. Use Interrupt Hunger and your compassion for others to power your motivation. Each time you lose 5 pounds come back to InterruptHunger.org and
“Donate Your Weight”  by donating at least $1.00 for every pound you lose to help fight Hunger in your neighborhood. Donate Your Weight proceeds remain local! You get to choose a food bank in your area to benefit from your donation!
Every $1.00 you donate provides up to 10 meals (depending on food bank) for children & families in your neighborhood!

How big of a problem is Hunger in America?

Just because you can’t “see” Hunger in America doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Since the pandemic struck, 1 in 6 Americans, or more than 54 million adults, children & elderly, now struggle with Food Insecurity. These are not just numbers, they’re your neighbors, and they need your help.

It’s simple!  With the Interrupt Hunger 3-Step Program & Online Community, the more weight you lose, the more people you help!